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Deep Tissue Massage

Getting to That Spot

Deep Tissue Massage is a slow and methodical approach to finding and removing severe muscle tension. Some people misinterpret this to mean that the massage will be unbearable. Our approach is to constantly communicate with our clients so they get the pressure they want without the piercing pain.

Swedish Relaxation

World Renown Therapy

Swedish massage is the most common technique used in the western world. Often characterized by long strokes and kneading muscles with light to firm pressure. Swedish massage provides full body relaxation which lowers stress hormones and leaves the client feeling renewed and refreshed.

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Therapeutic Massage

Focus on an Area of Concern

Therapeutic Massage is best suited for the client who has a specific need or goal. This customized approach can treat the typist suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or an athlete with a hamstring injury. Using the latest medical insights our therapist will treat your condition and offer specific guidance on how best to heal your injury or issue.

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Home: Service

Welcome to Black Rock Massage Therapy

You Deserve to Feel Good

Awaken your body, mind, and spirit at this Rabun County Georgia escape. I offer a variety of massage services from relaxing massage to deep tissue massage as well as assisted isometric stretching and neuropathic foot massage.

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Neuropathic Foot Treatment

Restore Feeling and Movement

Our foot treatment is a combination of the latest in reflexology and massage. Clients suffering from peripheral neuropathy or other foot conditions can regain feeling and balance to their feet. Clients often experience immediate and sustained releif.

Therapist Guided Strecthing

Post Neuromuscular Facilitation

Using known response of the Nervous System the therapist will guide the client through a customized stretching routine. The result of these motions often lead to increased flexibility and range of motion. In addition, athletes often find that therapist led stretching means better performance and lower chance for injury.

Physical Therapy Session
Essential Oils

Essential Oil Aromatherapy. We offer a variety of aromatherapy options to enhance your experience.

Stones Massage

"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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